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SDC – The Sustainable Design Collective


Join Us!

The Sustainable Design Collective was formed as a ‘think tank’ group for workplace architects, designers, specifiers & consultants. As part of our commitment to knowledge sharing, we are inviting companies (suppliers & manufacturers) to become affiliates.

Affiliation will provide support for our initiatives as well as highlighting to colleagues and customers your commitment to driving greater sustainability within the workplace sector.

We are also introducing a separate category specifically for ‘start up’ companies focussed on new innovations relating to environmental responsibility as well as Not for profit organisations integrating social value, diversity and inclusion.

Each application will be reviewed for the applicant’s products, work and commitments towards sustainability. Please note: if the review is not satisfactory, the affiliation may be withdrawn.

Affiliation Types


£250 / year

Startup / Not for Profit

£150 / year

Terms of Affiliation

• SDC affiliates will work collaboratively in the spirit of non-competition to share knowledge, educate, and inform.

• SDC affiliates will utilise their professional influence to help effect positive change within the workplace design community.

• SDC affiliates are focussed on highlighting and championing new developments and ‘best practice’.

• SDC affiliates expect manufacturers and product suppliers to be open and transparent. Members will question and interrogate any potentially overstated or misleading claims relating to positive environmental impact.

• An ambition is to identify positive opportunities and possible initiatives for change.

• SDC will aim to work collaboratively with other industry groups and associations to help accelerate the pace of change. This may include lobbying Government.

• SDC affiliates support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and aim to work within this framework.