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SDC – The Sustainable Design Collective


The SD Academy has been conceived, developed, and hosted by The Sustainable Design Collective. Launched in 2021, The Sustainable Design Collective was formed as a ‘think tank’ group of workplace architects, designers, specifiers & consultants with a mission to promote learning and understanding, innovation, and positive action towards greater sustainability within the built environment.
As well as meeting regularly to debate specific topics relevant to workplace design, SDC is now part of a global community on the international stage.
The Academy was created to offer a learning and skills development platform focusing on the environmental and social impact of the design and architecture industry. Our online bite-size courses are curated and compiled by leading members of the workplace design industry and sustainability consultants and provide practical learning for new entrants to the sector as well as established practitioners.


Sustainable Design & Construction - Principles and Process

Energy & Carbon

Materials & Circular Design

Nature Based Design Solutions

Advancing Human Sustainability within Design

Sustainable Certifications

Leveraging ESG to Drive Value in the Real Estate Sector

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